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SgamePro- Mine Crypto Token Simply By Playing

Hello cryptocurrency investor all, welcome back to the blog How are you today? Hopefully, it's always fine. On this occasion, I will review an innovative and exciting project called Sgame Pro. 

The Sgame Pro platform will create a new ecosystem for players and publishers in the mobile gaming industry. Here all players can mine token-crypto and get real money just by playing the most popular games in the world. Also, Sgame Pro also comes with several other technical innovations that will support and benefit players, publishers, influencers, and traders. 

Want to know more about the Sgame Pro platform? Check out the full review below. 

What is the Sgame Pro Platform? 

Sgame Pro is the first cryptocurrency-based mobile game aggregator and is built on blockchain technology. Sgame Pro offers an exciting concept to mobile game players, which allows them to mine token-crypto (SGM) and earn real money just by playing various choices of the most popular games in the world. 

The Sgame Pro project was developed since August 2016 and was initiated by the Sgame Sa company based in Switzerland. Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg or better known as Pewdiepie was recruited by Sgame Pro to become an official partner in a marketing campaign. Pewdiepie is the number one YouTuber in the world with some followers reaching 62,517,645. Most of the YouToube Pewdiepie videos are focused on games. 

Great support from the mobile gaming community has been shown to the Sgame Pro platform. The proof, the alpha version that was launched in 2017 has succeeded in getting 50,000 downloads. Amazingly, this number is quite fantastic without involving marketing spending. 

Currently, the Sgame Pro platform has partnered with several popular game publishers in the world with more than 35 million active users. This condition will create an ecosystem that develops from the start, ensuring a strong launch and high visibility. 

Sgame Pro is focused on serving the mobile gaming industry which continues to experience significant growth from year to year. The increase in cellular internet connectivity supports the growth of the mobile game industry, the number of high-quality mobile games that continue to grow, and the increasing adoption of smartphones. 

Based on existing data, 78% of the mobile gaming market is a single player while the most significant revenue comes from multi-player games. In 2016, Supercell, the maker of mobile games Clash of Clans and Clash Royale produced sales of $ 2.3 billion. 

Some Products Made by Sgame Pro 


•    Competition 

In Sgame Pro, players can find department stores for their favorite games and get announcements of new games released by the best publishers in the world. 

• Income 

The platform has a reward protocol for mining SGM tokens named "Proof of Play." SGM tokens received by the player are determined by how much effort and time spent playing games in Sgame Pro. 

• Challenge 

This is the best innovation provided by Sgame Pro for the mobile gaming industry. The platform will transform a single game into an asynchronous multiplayer game with multiple PvP options. Starting from 1vs1 to 1vs100. 

• Marketplace 

Sgame Pro has a good strategy to attract players to compete for SGM tokens. The reason is, SGM tokens can be used to buy digital goods and physical goods. 

• Live 

This feature provides affordable and sophisticated streaming solutions to mobile game players. Viewers can donate SGM tokens directly to players who are conducting live streaming sessions. 

• Reference 

The referral system created by Sgame Pro allows influencers to monetize their followers in the long run. 

Benefits of Using the Sgame Pro Platform 



Gamers can easily get SGM tokens when playing games and carrying out streaming sessions. This is an extraordinary experience and has never been before. Players can have fun playing their favorite games while earning income. SGM Tokens will be sent directly to the Player's internal SWallet. Interestingly, SGM tokens can be used directly to buy physical or digital products. 

For Influencers 

Influencers can now get SGM tokens by reflecting on their fellow players, friends, and followers. 

For Publishers 

Publishers need SGM tokens to be given to players as prizes. Publishers will benefit from feedback from players. So, they get more game development concepts and can provide a better playing experience. 

For traders 

Traders can promote their products online and reach more potential customers through the Special Offer Section and the Sgame Pro market. 

ICO SGM Token 


Sgame Pro creates an ERC-20 standard utility token called SGM or Sgame Coin. SGM Tokens function as payment instruments for all transactions that take place on the platform. Sgame Coin's total supply is 350m. The primary sales begin on September 12, 2018. The platform accepts SGM token purchases only with Ethereum. 

Distrubusi Token: 

Counselor & Founder: 15,000.00 

Main Sales: 55,000,000 

Personal Sales: 139.59.9999 

Saved by Founder: 15,000,000 

SGM Liquidity Reserve: 83,000,000 

Bounties & Airdrops: 6,500,000 

Saved by Publisher: 51,000.00 

Website - Announcement - Whitepaper - Telegram

Bitcointalk Profile : Dimassuwe 

Eth address : 0x94947C9b1b662328522b490f1f97b5E73DBf2698

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