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Araw Token - Decentralized Payment For E-Commerce

Hello all cryptocurrency investors, how are you today? Hopefully, it's always excellent. On this occasion, the admin will review a new project on blockchain called ARAW. The platform is developing a decentralized payment system for the global e-commerce industry. He created ARAW tokens that allow consumers to shop using cryptocurrency in everyday life, either offline or online. 

In addition to creating decentralized payment solutions, the ARAW platform also presents an Integrated Gift System for sellers to reward their customers. The benefit is increasing sales for traders and giving high-value gifts to consumers. 

Check out the full review of the ARAW platform in the following article. 

Is that Araw? 


Araw is an e-commerce platform built on the Ethereum blockchain with the support of payment and cryptocurrency cards. The Araw Ecosystem will bring together traders and consumers around the world, offering end-to-end solutions to meet all the needs of consumers in shopping online safely or allowing traders to develop their businesses more efficiently. 

The ARAW ecosystem is fully transparent; it utilizes smart contracts to facilitate the exchange of ARAW tokens and goods or services between consumers and traders in peer to peer. Transactions that run on the Araw platform are entirely safe, allowing money to return when the transaction fails. Creating a sense of security for consumers who shop online from e-commerce around the world. 

The Araw platform wants to increase the number of blockchain adoptions in the daily lives of all people in the world. As well as increasing the confidence of everyone in their trading on the blockchain. 

Araw presents a simple but effective and scalable platform to serve users globally. In the Araw ecosystem, buyers and traders can interact with each other without trust, without restrictions, mutual benefits, and in a reliable way. 

Problems that want to be solved by the ARAW platform 


In the midst of the rapid development of e-commerce and cryptocurrency industries, there are still some severe problems that must be addressed. Before that, we know in advance two facts that are quite interesting first. 

The first fact is that global retail e-commerce sales in 2021 are expected to reach $ 4.5 trillion. The second fact, cryptocurrency is currently the preferred transaction mode for most commercial businesses. Its current value is hundreds of billions and is expected to continue to increase to trillions. 

Because ARAW is the first company to integrate the Ethereum blockchain with the e-commerce and cryptocurrency-based industries, of course, there is a vast market for the ARAW platform to grow in the future. 

The problem that Araw will solve in the e-commerce industry is related to the gift system. Offline and online traders currently offer a limited gift system and are of little value. Most companies also still have not found how to create a reward system that is attractive to consumers. 

Furthermore, Araw wants to solve the problem in the cryptocurrency industry about the complex obstacles such as most people entering the cryptocurrency market. This makes the potential value of the cryptocurrency market as a whole limited and not fully developed. Regular customers still cannot easily enter the cryptocurrency industry. 

Solutions and Products Created by ARAW for Traders and Consumers 


To overcome the problems in the e-commerce and cryptocurrency industry, the ARAW platform presents a solution in the form of an Integrated Gift System. The ARAW platform allows traders to provide high-value prizes to consumers, in the way of ARAW tokens. ARAW tokens received by consumers as gifts can be exchanged into cash or used for shopping in the ARAW ecosystem. 

Not only that, but the Integrated Gift System is also useful to make it easier for everyone to have a stake in cryptocurrency. Regular customers can now participate in the cryptocurrency market which is profitable just by shopping. 

Thanks to the ARAW Integrated Gift System, there will no longer be a small gift system and the hassle of participating in cryptocurrency. 

The following are the products created by the ARAW platform 

1. Araw Pay 

Araw Pay widgets online can be easily installed on all websites, which allows traders to receive online payments in the form of Araw tokens in just one click. The platform aims to provide Araw unlimited payment solutions in the Araw e-commerce market, Araw mobile & web wallet, and an open API platform. 

Traders who want to receive payments with ARAW Tokens must download the ARAW card reader mobile application on the Google Play Store or at the Apple Store. In the first phase, this application is targeted for all traders in Europe. Only then spread to other countries in the world. 

The platform also plans to integrate ARAW tokens with Visa and Mastercard. So the Araw cellular payment solution makes it easier for more consumers and traders globally. 

Furthermore, ARAW will create Araw Card Reader Hardware. 

2. Open the Platform API 

This is specifically for traders who want to implement an online payment system using ARAW Tokens, so there is no need to bother dealing with any programming language and code. ARAW Token Open API Platform can be easily installed on your website. You have to install, and you can enjoy this service. 

3. Araw E-Commerce 

In the ARAW E-Commerce market, consumers can buy various items from merchants around the world, ranging from fashion products, gadgets, beauty, home, and so on. The platform wants to make Araw tokens a part of everyone's shopping in everyday life without changing their shopping methods. 

4. Araw Mobile Wallet 

Araw Mobile Wallet will facilitate all user activities because it is integrated with the Crypto Currency Exchange and Banking. 

5. Araw Touch & Pay Card 

To increase the interest of regular customers, ARAW created ARAW Touch & Pay Cards that can be used to make everyday micropayments. Whether shopping at coffee shops, supermarkets, or shopping online. 

6. Banking System Integration 

Users can easily Top-up or cashback ARAW tokens to related bank accounts. 

7. Cryptocurrency Exchanges 

Here users can exchange their Araw tokens into another cryptocurrency, such as BTC or ETH. 

Benefits offered by ARAW 


For consumers: Everyone can now use cryptocurrency to shop every day, shop on global e-commerce more safely, and get high-value prizes. Because it can be exchanged into cash or other items in Araw e-commerce. 

For traders: Now traders have a reward system that benefits consumers, while at the same time increasing the number of sales. 

What is the ARAW Token Function? 


Araw Tokens are the heart of a decentralized payment and e-commerce ecosystem. This serves to buy goods for e-commerce online or do micropayments in coffee shops in everyday life. 

For traders, Araw tokens can be used to give gifts to their customers. 

There are two ways for traders to interact in the Araw ecosystem. First, he can buy ARAW tokens using fiat money. Second, they receive ARAW tokens as a payment instrument for the products or services they offer. The ARAW token is used for the Integrated Gift System or exchanged for other cryptocurrency and cash. This will help the ARAW token liquidity. 



The platform creates a total of 5,000,000,000 Araw tokens and is available for token sales of 3,500,000,000 (70%). ICO Token Araw starts on 10 September - 9 November 2018. The price of 1 ARAW is $ 0.01, with the purchase of tokens using ETH. The platform's soft cap is 2,000,000 USD and hard Hats 25,000,000 USD. 


created by : Dimassuwe 

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