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Hello cryptocurrency investor all, meet me again admin from the blog How are you today? Hopefully, it's always excellent. As always, I will review an innovative and exciting project, WPPEnergy. 

WPPEnergy or World Power Production Energy is a new platform on blockchain that wants to increase production while reducing the cost of green energy worldwide. This platform was created to address some of the current pressing problems, such as lack of energy supply in some countries, pollution caused by traditional power plants, and the high cost of electricity that consumers must pay. 

Therefore, WPP Energi presents innovative solutions that allow everyone around the world to get enough energy at a lower cost. This goal will be achieved with several solutions offered such as Mobile Power Station, Power Plant Conversion to HHO, Home & Home Business HHO. Also, World Power Production Energy also created the Global Green Energy Platform, and the Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform. 

This platform creates the ERC-20 standard utility token, the WPP token. WPP Tokens function as the primary payment tool to enjoy all the Energy solutions generated by WPP. This is expected to be a significant coin in the energy market needed by many people, even becoming one of the leading digital currencies globally. 

The platform organizes the WPP PreICO and ICO tokens that invite all people around the world to invest in WPP's green energy project. Currently, WPP Energy is entering a global green energy market worth $ 750 Billion. Check out the full review of the following WPP Energy platform. 

What is the WPP Energy Platform? 


WPP Energi is a blockchain-based platform that aims to produce and provide 100% of the most efficient and affordable green energy in the world. The WPP Energi platform will help everyone get an environmentally friendly and low-cost energy supply. Consumers can buy it from green energy producers around the globe quickly, efficiently and safely. 

Green energy producers and consumers around the world will transact on the WPP Energy platform in peer to peer, utilizing smart and blockchain contracts. 

WPP Energi is a worldwide renewable energy partner since 2009. The company is based in Geneva, Switzerland. Mr. Rafael Ben is president of WPP Energi who has 30 years of experience in the green energy sector. Ben is a guest speaker and lecturer at International Green Energy Summits. 

WPP Energy has signed the production of renewable energy with various governments around the world, over the next 35 years which is estimated to be worth more than $ 50 billion. The project is accompanied by a personal purchase agreement and will begin with an initial focus on a project worth 6 million USD in the coming December 2018. 

Solutions Created by WPP Energy 


HHO Mobile Power Station 

This is a hydroelectric power plant that has two options for producing 100% of green energy, which produces 1 MW / hour or 2.5 MW / hour. This is an easy-to-use tool because it does not require an internal power plant assembly. He is housed in 40 Heavy Duty Custom Sea Container that can be sent to all corners of the world. 

Power Plant Conversion to HHO 

This is the solution offered by WPP Energi to overcome air pollution in the world caused by 20,000+ Oil, Natural Gas, Coal and Gasoline power plants. While lowering production costs. WPP Energy will change pollution into cleaner and healthier air. 

HHO Home Energy Supply 

For those of you who have been paying expensive electricity bills, it is time to switch to HHO Home Energy Supply. You can get energy supplies for homes at lower prices. 

WPP Exchange Platform 

Because all the energy solutions offered by WPP Energy can only be accessed using WPP tokens, everyone who wants to join the Global Green Energy Platform can buy WPP tokens here. Whether it's P2P, B2B, B2C, electrical energy suppliers and power generation hardware. Users can buy WPP tokens using fiat currency or use cryptocurrency. 

The WPP Exchange Platform will integrate 20+ energy-based cryptocurrency and another popular cryptocurrency, to be traded with each other. This will increase the liquidity of all cryptocurrency registered in it. 

Global Green Energy Platform 

WPP Energy will send data on electricity production from renewable energy producers around the world to the platform. Consumers can buy energy at wholesale prices which are of course cheaper. 

WPP ICO Token 


WPP Energi organizes PreICO on 15 August - 15 October 2018, and ICO WPP tokens on 22 October - 22 December 2018. The price of 1 WPP token is $ 0.20 or 1 ETH worth 2,700 WPP tokens. The company's soft cap is 5,000,000 WPP and hard cap 25,000,000 WPP. Purchasing WPP tokens is only available using ETH only. 

Website - Whitepaper - Ann Thread - Telegram

Created : Dimassuwe 

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