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ApolloX - Decentralized E-Commerce

Hello all cryptocurrency investors, how are you today? Hopefully, it's always excellent. On this occasion, the admin will review a project that is quite interesting, namely ApolloX. ApolloX wants to put the online e-commerce industry on blockchain to empower decentralization and overcome the various problems that exist in centralized e-commerce platforms. 

ApolloX is developing an ecosystem that is supported by blockchain-based protocols that will meet all online e-commerce needs. The platform also presents a new model that will provide full benefits to users, such as minimal commissions, data security, and complete shopping protection. ApolloX believes that the solutions it presents can reduce product prices in e-commerce by 40% because it eliminates unnecessary costs and removes intermediaries. 

ApolloX was created by Apollo Box, a company based in Silicon Valley. Apollo Box has an e-commerce platform that focuses on marketing creative lifestyle products and homes. Apollo Box has managed to become a global e-commerce platform with 1 million active users, 800 vendors from 20 different countries, and gross sales of $ 15 million per year. Apollo Box has angel investors such as Hofan Group and Amino Capital. 

Check out the full review of the ApolloX project in the following article. 

What is the ApolloX platform? 

ApolloX is a decentralized ecosystem that connects online e-commerce sellers and buyers around the world with efficiency, trust, and low cost. ApolloX aims to disrupt the e-commerce market industry today by creating a decentralized market like Amazon that allows a peer to peer transactions between sellers and buyers, without having to involve intermediaries. 

With the removal of intermediaries, it will make production costs lower, and there is no more monopoly in the online e-commerce market. ApolloX provides an unrivaled shopping experience to everyone around the world while providing them with the benefits of transactions in the e-commerce market. The ApolloX ecosystem is built with transparency, data protection, low costs, and trust. 

Solutions Created by ApolloX 

ApolloX works as much as possible so that it can become the first choice for online traders around the world, especially sellers with cross-border trading needs. Therefore, the platform presents the ApolloX protocol that will make it easier for them to build decentralized e-commerce applications and services on the blockchain. 

Traders can now have independent stores supported by blockchain and the ApolloX network at a low cost. They don't need to pay expensive fees to register their merchandise on the platform. 

As is well known, some large e-commerce sites today require traders to pay dearly so that their items are displayed on the platform. 

ApolloX also eliminates hidden costs for marketing and advertising that are controlled centrally by the current e-commerce platform. Instead, ApolloX presents a gift and affiliate program. This is a better brand recognition model and faster customer acquisition. 

The platform creates the Attribution Protocol, which is the community of rewards for each affiliate sale and referral traffic. Community members can share products or stores on their social networks. Traders will use the APXT token to directly pay community members for affiliate traffic and affiliate orders they have successfully made. The benefit, traders can get intrinsic traffic, see traffic sources, and reduce unnecessary marketing costs. 

Traders on the ApolloX platform also need APXT tokens to pay for search ranking and advertising services. 

Furthermore, ApolloX utilizes the Arbitration Protocol and smart contracts to create full trust between traders and buyers, directly when they first trade. Trust in the ApolloX platform is given by network consensus, not all users. If there is a dispute between the seller and the user, it will be resolved transparently and efficiently through challenges or bets with prizes in the form of APXT tokens. For matters of dispute, ApolloX has prepared an Arbitration Protocol. 

Hope from ApolloX is that everyone can trade in the global e-commerce market without worry, even though he doesn't know who is transacting with whom. This is a solution of the high trust in today's online e-commerce platform. ApolloX can create trust at zero costs. 

Before buying products from one of the stores in ApolloX, potential customers can consider products and sellers by looking at their reputation first. The platform ensures that every product reputation and seller in ApolloX can be trusted. ApolloX's Reputation Protocol will reward honest and high-quality reviews, and punish fraudulent behavior. Users who are proven to commit fraudulent conduct will lose APXT tokens and cannot review other products. 

ApolloX Payment Protocol is presented to secure payment transfers between sellers and buyers. The goal is to accelerate turnover and prevent fraud. ApolloX gives consumers the freedom to control who can access their data. Consumers can provide voluntary access or sell it. 

The ApolloX platform has The Oracle and Data Protocol which serves to provide external information such as advertising, personal information, and logistics. The Protocols Built by the Community give an opportunity for members of the Apollox community to develop their protocol. The protocol they have created will undoubtedly support the progress of the ApolloX community. In return for the time and expertise they contributed, members of the ApolloX community will be rewarded with an APXT token. 

Users can get APXT tokens for free by connecting their accounts on ApolloX with a social media account. On the other hand, premium members holding APXT tokens will be given special discounts and free services. 


ApolloX creates ERC-20 standard utility tokens named APXT tokens. APXT tokens function as the primary payment instrument and prizes were given to the public for their contribution to the ApolloX ecosystem. 

ICO APXT tokens are held from 16 October to 31 October 2018. 1 The APXT token is sold for 0.0055 USD. The platform accepts the purchase of APXT tokens using Bitcoin and Ethereum. The soft cap that ApolloX wants to achieve is 6,000,000 USD and a Hard stamp of 14,000,000 USD. 


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