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IronX - Crypto Trading Platform and World Class

Hello cryptocurrency lovers, how are you today? Hopefully, it's always fine. On this occasion, I will invite you all to review more about the platform.

IronX is a blockchain based platform initiated by two giant companies in the world, IronFX, and Emurgo HK. This platform was created to address the various problems currently faced by the cryptocurrency market.

Meanwhile, IronX has the main vision to become a world-class exchange platform that can provide the best experience to traders, both in traditional trade and cryptocurrency trading.

Check out the full description of the IronX platform in the following review.

What is the IronX platform?


IronX is a world-class exchange platform that combines traditional cryptocurrency and online trading. As explained above, IronX is a joint venture between IronFX Group and EmurgoHK.

IronFX is the best online forex broker company in the world, which has received many international awards. Like the 2014 Best Forex Service Provider, Elite in European Finance 2016, the 2017 Best Global Online Trading Platform and many more.

There are more than 200 instruments that you can trade on IronFX, such as shares, CFDs, futures, spot FX, indices, commodities and so on. This platform provides support for more than 30 languages ??and serves millions of customers from 180 countries in the world.

As a form of compliance, IronFX is regulated by four major regulators in the world of FX, namely FSCA (South Africa), ASIC (Australia), FCA (UK) and CyCES ( Cyprus ).

Meanwhile, EmurgoHK is the founder of the Cardano blockchain protocol and a very successful cryptocurrency, ADA Coin.

The problem IronX wants to solve


Although the cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly and has a growing customer base, the current Crypto Market still has to face some serious problems that make traders less comfortable.

Problems in the crypto market today include:

  • Bad liquidity
  • Lack of regulation
  • Online security is still low
  • Limited FIAT funding
  • Maximum customer support

The solution provided by IronX


To provide a better experience for cryptocurrency traders, IronX presents several innovative solutions such as:

  • Fully regulated

The IronX crypto exchange platform is fully regulated by FIU Estonia. In the future, IronX will look for licenses in several other major jurisdictions. Shortly, the platform is targeting licenses from Malta and Giblartar.

  • Existing client base

IronX was developed with a very large client base. That is 150,000 Cardano followers and 1.2 million Iron FX retail clients. This certainly will encourage large liquidity.

  • Crypto and FIAT funding

IronX is present as a revolutionary platform on the cryptocurrency market, so it offers users the choice of crypto and Fiat funding.

  • 24/7 customer support

IronX will be the first exchange platform that offers 24/7 customer support, in a variety of languages.

Meanwhile, here are some of the advanced features presented by IronX:

  • High-quality data security and protection
  • Extra fast performance, 1 million transactions per second
  • The interface is simple, so it's easy to use
  • Sophisticated and simple portfolio management
  • Affiliate programs paid using IRX tokens
  • And others

ICO IRX Tokens


IRX Tokens are ERC-20 tokens that are the main currency on the IronX Exchange. IRX tokens can be used by users to pay transactions and pay for trades. When paying with IRX tokens, users will get a special discount.

For IRX token holders, they can get several additional benefits, such as portfolio management discounts, market updates, and future bonuses.

Based on the holding level, IRX token holders also have the opportunity to receive additional incentives in the IronFX and IronX ecosystem in various ways.

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