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RigoBlock - A Protocol For Decentralized Asset

Hello cryptocurrency lovers, how are you today? Hope everything will be fine. On this occasion, I would like to invite you to review more about the RigoBlock platform.

This is a platform that wants to revolutionize the cryptocurrency asset management industry. The aim is to help traders while creating a more sophisticated asset management system than before. The concept is based on the value of transparency, simplicity, democracy, and meritocracy.

Approximately, what are the interesting innovations offered by this platform? Find the answers in the review below.

What is the RigoBlock platform?


RigoBlock is an Ethereum blockchain based platform that allows everyone to make their funds for free. RigoBlock combines the power of flexibility, control, governance, and transparency.

To help financial managers face the token-based market, Rigoblock creates a more efficient and effective asset management protocol. This protocol can be used to regulate, manage, create and maximize the value of cryptocurrency assets.

This asset management system can be accessed by everyone anytime and anywhere, in a very easy and simple way. The framework presented by RigoBlock upholds the value of transparency.

The problem that RigoBlock wants to solve


In the financial industry, everyone who wants to start real trading must prepare their funds. Unfortunately, beginner traders must face several big challenges such as:

High regulation costs

Traders must prepare around 50,000 Euros for a low fund profile and 500,000 Euros for a high fund profile. This made many people fail to start trading.

The amount of traditional asset management costs

So far, the costs to be borne by people for traditional asset management are high. It consists of performance costs and management fees.

Lack of visibility

Most of the current traders are not supported by evidence of performance. They have no historical profit and loss in a certain period. So that it makes it difficult for prospective clients to find the right traders and potentially give them benefits.

Therefore, Rigoblock will implement a merchant track record that can be accessed by the public. All historical profits and losses of traders can now be accessed by prospective clients. This is directly proportional to the transparency value of the RigoBlock platform.

Not only that, but the platform will also encourage the spirit of traders always to work better. In the end, their talent in trade can increase significantly over time.

Because its performance is overseen by many people, of course, traders want to give the best results to investors.

The solution offered by RigoBlock


Rigoblock is present as a platform that will overcome the high-cost problems that must be prepared by everyone when preparing and managing investment funds. With Rigoblock, everyone can make their funds in real time.

Rigoblock is the right platform for you who want to start your own trading business. From now on, you can manage cryptocurrency assets owned by others. He created a blockchain protocol to manage a decentralized set of tokens.

For traders, Rigoblock not only provides the tools needed but provides them with an intensive ecosystem and enables sharing of knowledge. The aim of the Rigoblock platform is to improve the ability of traders from time to time.

In the crypto world, there is still no mechanism that makes it easier for someone to manage funds on behalf of others.

On the other hand, RigoBlock creates an algorithm called Proof-of-Performance. This will reward financial managers based on the collection of assets and performance that they have successfully run. These financial managers will be rewarded with GRG tokens.

Compared to traditional cost mechanisms, Proof-of-Performance is more effective. The RigoBlock platform wants to provide a mutually beneficial relationship between financial managers and investors.

ICO GRG Tokens


GRG Tokens is a utility token on the RigoBlock network. This token has three main functions, namely governance, intensive and access. The GRG ICO token is held on December 18, 2018 - January 18, 2019.

The price of 1 GRG token is 0.018 ETH. The platform accepts the purchase of GRG tokens using ETH, with a minimum investment of 0.2 ETH.


eth address : 0x94947C9b1b662328522b490f1f97b5E73DBf2698

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